People photography is something that we all enjoy. We all do it. Many times a quick smart phone snap is all that you want or need.  If however you want something special, memorable, or “professional”; something that will say more about you and who you are; that will stand out and create a lasting impression, then that is where we come in.

Whether you want:

  • an individual, couples, family or group portrait;
  • a business portrait, headshot, or photograph for you company webpage, brochure or any other form of promotional material;
  • a model or actor’s portfolio;

Urbane Photography is ready, willing and able to provide you with what you are looking for.

Click here for examples of our people photographs

Also, click here for some ideas about how your people picture might look.


When not taking photographs of people, my other great love is travelling and photographing landscapes and the environment.  Prints (framed and unframed) of these photographs are available for purchase. Click here to view these images.


Do you need a photograph of your new, improved sooper-dooper widget for your website, brochure, or to send to that new prospect/buyer/client?

Do you want to show your product in its most appealing light; displaying its beauty/functionality, and design excellence to the fullest?

Urbane Photography can create the images that will showcase your products brilliantly.

Click here for are some examples of what we can do.